The Internet Rules Our Thoughts…we think

22 Aug

Chardon happy(Rinaldo de Craen)


The Internet is a wondrous toy, an amazing tool, and has changed the way we live. Huge money is being spent by various sources to ensure that everyone, everywhere, will be able to access The Internet (excepting of course local tribal types who will try to forbid such a doorway to knowledge).

In the world of horse sport, the European Championships at Aachen are proving just how powerful access to instant news can be.
Today was the Four-in-Hand Driving Marathon and the results decided the Team and Individual placings.
Netherlands once again won team gold–jubilation, tweets, photos, videos of happy teams and fans.

Having the marathon last–instead of the traditional middle, with the technical skill of cones last, more like 3-day-eventing uses show jumping AFTER cross-country– was a decision based on drama, emotion and spectacle.

Well, Aachen got all that, perhaps not quite the way they intended.
Because when it was over, Dutch legend Ijsbrand Chardon was on top by tenths,and his name inscribed on the Winner’s Record.
He had been leading throughout the competition, he is highly decorated–no surprise.

And then–surprise!
The results of the marathon had been re-calculated and Chardon’s score was still 162.37,(1st,3rd .1st BM  before marathon) but runner-up Michael Brauchle (GER) who has been 9th,4th, 5th up to marathon, had apparently gone even faster than first thought and now was 162.16 Somewhere, he had lost four-tenths!

chardon sad(de Hoefslag)

New tweets, new photos, new faces looking bright.
At the very very top of driving, like any other sport, the very very top live to out-perform one another, so this was a bitter pill for Chardon,despite the lovely team gold.

Apparently the electronic scoring…was imperfectly entered.

The show jumping team qualification saga..continued

CianOConnorIrelandb2012(Irish Examiner)

Over in show jumping, the Irish team vows to take their appeal as far as they can–and when one watches the video,sees the guy run into Cian O’Connor’s sight line as he and Good Luck come down to the final line of jumps…one can only be sad that their Olympic hopes came down to this ridiculous moment.
But the internet allows us to watch the moment on endless loop…so we can all weight in what the final decision should and must be.

Tomorrow is the Individual Final for show jumping as well as Vaulting’s freestyles!
Am sure the Aachen organization is hoping for sunny, mistake free day!


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