Thank heavens there is another week to go at European Championships!

16 Aug

I will absolutely print posts that hold opposing views to mine.
But I am NOT going to give time or space to diatribes based on personal emotion, NO facts, NO experience, NO knowledge, and zeal born of bigotry.
I am not not singling out people who have not done top sport, not trying to sneer at those who prefer the harmony–because I too prefer harmony! I am trying to say that the horse has a mind of its own; that the thin veneer of our training does not always hold when put up against millennia of being a prey creature, of NOT wanting to do what is asked at the moment. That competition itself is more a mental than physical undertaking for both human and alien. It is the ,yes, malicious cyber bullying–the absolutism of some statements devoid of fact, knowledge,experience– that allow me to be so sympathetic to the dressage riders. Again I ask-=-where does anyone see this in showjumping? in eventing? in reining or driving? How can a sport grow when its very fans spend so much time tearing it down?

Am grateful that eventing and reining enthusiasts managed to enjoy this year’s Europeans and the excellent competition.

Am even more grateful that Aachen/Europeans moves on this coming week to Driving, Vaulting and Show Jumping. We shall see how fans of these disciplines treat their top sport.


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