World Horse Day

12 Feb

I started World Horse Day partly because it seems such a neat idea, and partly because I was so impressed by Roly Owers’ address to the FEI General Assembly, where he asked for horse welfare to remain a priority.

The FEI rules/governs by apathy: the horse world is all NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) and self-absorbed; it can be difficult to get breed people to care about sport, vice versa of course also true. It can be difficult in this day and age of internet and instant-media onslaught to get anyone to care about anything for more than a few days.
The FEI counts on this, simply waiting for the latest protest to die down, carrying on with its all-important work of hiding where the money comes from, not to mention where it goes to.
World Horse Day can be a rallying cry For the Horse, no matter what discipline or breed or circumstance—a banner under which any and all who love horses can acknowledge their desire for welfare of horses everywhere and at all times.
This latest death of an endurance horse epitomized everything wrong—with our international sports federation, with our NIMBY reality, with our indifferent world.

Bundy(Splitter Creek Bundy waiting for the vet )
Two front legs shattered, 20 minutes of further agony waiting for a vet (because the rest of the race/vehicles/hangers-on, grooms and entourages all had to pass by first).
This is just not right.
The line has been drawn. There is no discussion necessary, no inveighing of rules and regulations that allow anyone to say, so sorry, cannot help.

In the name of horses everywhere, Splitters Creek Bundy, you are the patron horse of World Horse Day.
As the Navajo shamans sing, May you walk in beauty forever.

I’m really not sure how to further establish World Horse Day.
Several countries have a Day of the Horse or Horse Day, including the United States (Dec. 13).
The world already has a day set aside for Frogs (March 20) , Snakes ( July 16) , and Gratitude (Sept.21) just to pick from the International Calendar.
Surely one day, worldwide, set aside for Horses is possible and even necessary.
Any ideas on how to ‘get ‘er done’ all welcome.


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