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2015 is around the corner. Some thoughts.

16 Dec


Possibly the most important part of the IOC decisions UNANIMOUSLY voted into existence by its members (which include Princess Haya) is the sentence below:

<< …
“The organisation of sports and events outside the host city and even, in exceptional cases, outside the host country could also be allowed”…>>


“Exceptional.” I have to wonder how “exceptional” is being defined; perhaps as ‘making money for IOC.’

I have to wonder also if Aachen/Lexington will not be looked at to host Olympic equestrian in the future, no matter where the rest of The Games are held. WEG as a concept is just financially ridiculous, only useful for hiding/laundering money and having one bid every 4 years cannot be a good thing. Now that IOC has baldly and blandly said that “events” can be in different regional venues let alone cross national borders…I can see the day that only places that already have the infrastructure will want to put on equestrian.

Another thought:

We do not need to reinvent the wheel. IOC wants money/revenue from whichever sports they allow on ‘their’ Olympic stage; in some circles this is called bribery and corruption but we well know that would never apply to IOC. (rolling of eyes permitted). If dressage wants to stay in the Olympics, if equestrian wants to stay in the Olympics, then we better first get together as a sport and create a discretionary fund.


Second, we need to attract sponsors. Sponsors want ROI. What does everyone think the ROI is in dressage? For me, it is the supreme athleticism of the two athletes involved: I have seen slo-mo of Granat and Keen, to pick two oldies, as well as Totilas and Valegro,in pi-pa, and the results were spectacular and definitely showed the intense energy output, the intense partnership, the intense requirement of core for both athletes,etc….any good film student ought to be able to work with this kind of storyboard. Maybe we could have a contest and offer some $$ to film schools, prizes for top 3 sho9rt films that show the athleticism and intensity of dressage. And that’s my starting point…there is SO much more that could be done in this sport on a local to national to international level.

Third, we need a contest for city kids that somehow involves them and does not maybe require live horses….how about using horse simulator, and having contests:  who can produce one-tempis (after a short time on the simulator) plus someone to explain that it is like bull riding in (very) slow motion…or whatever.   A contest for who can ‘gallop’ the fastest on a simulated course and leave the fences up. Etc. The sport needs to think about how it looks to the rest of the world and what the rest of the world might need as an entry way to something we already know is complex…

We need to find parts of the sport that someone can do with a minimum of background, get local media outlets to come and cover the contest,etc etc… THAT is how you build an audience, how you build ROI, how you stay in the Olympics. All the blah blah about judges is beside the point. No one outside dressage (and many inside dressage) do not care.