Why are there no photos of Legolas or Valegro in that last story???

26 Aug

yes,faithful readers, you may notice that I have no photos of Legolas or Valegro from todays Grand Prix at WEG.
Well, here’s the  story:
I went to take photos of Legolas in warm-up and was told that –despite the FEI rule which has been in place that says warm-up arenas are open–the arenas had been closed. “New rules!” said one of the psychopath security guards.
So,after arguing unsuccessfully with the two thugs,I went back to competition arena where the usual hassle took place with yet more security guards (you are not wearing your photographer vest! you MUST wear it,not carry it!”)

Much to my amazement, I saw the FEI Director of Dressage, Trony Asmyr,so gaily skipped over to him to find out what happened to the FEI rule on warm-up being open.

Without batting an eyelash, he informed me this closing of the arenas had nothing to do with FEI (!!!) and to take it up with “the Organizing Committee.”

I knew I had been beaten–this was one on one and he had much better cards than I did,not to mention access numbers–the Holy Grail of getting around a WEG.

Anyway,found a spot pulled out camera–dead battery. Went to hotfoot it back to media center to get new battery,started through the gate,but the guard stopped me. You have to go around–he points all the way to the other end of the stadium. After more conversation, he points out I do not have a photographer vest on and therefore must use the vacation-person entrance.
Which is how I realized I was missing my vest. I turned around in a total panic. This vest is EVERYTHING for access. Eventually, after getting his jollies torturing me by telling me no I could not go back, he gave me two minutes of which I needed 30 seconds as one of the few NICE security people handed me my vest.
The psychopath made me put it on and off I ran.
And then I realized the horse coming through the tunnel was Valegro.
So I just stood there and admired the ride with everyone else and consoled myself with the thought of even more incredible photos of both horses from the GPS and the kur.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!


One Response to “Why are there no photos of Legolas or Valegro in that last story???”

  1. Shirley Mae Keller Verhoef August 26, 2014 at 8:41 pm #

    Oh, Lita, you always make my day so bright. Loved your descriptive comments.

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