I am NOT a nerd–dressage made me do it!

26 Aug


Damon Hill and Helen Langehanenberg



It is finally the last rotations…cannot say ‘the heavy hitters’ because so many of those have gone since the first ride all those many hours ago yesterday, with D’Agostino and Arlando showing the strength of Germany and Netherlands as they went first for each team.


And of course, first ride this morning was the so-far still leader and definite newly anointed superstar pair, Isabell and the mare Bella Rose.


Many highlights, many little moments that aficionados will discuss over video and beer or wine or whathaveyou.


Helen Langehanenberg and Damon Hill sealed the German team gold, the rumor is that the horse may be sold after WEG, but she rode for every point. It was interesting to see that the piaffe is more on the spot, but perhaps at the cost of balance as he appears to carry more on forehand in return for immobility.


Vici Max-Theurer and Augustin lived up to every promise of their salad days ,before the changes went south, before the piaffe was too stilted and un-offered. They had the kind of ride that makes one glad the sport exists—kudos to them ,this has always been one of my favoritehorses. No less an expert than Uwe Mechlem, the German super judge who teaches the other judges how to judge Grand Prix ( “No, I do not need the test sheet, I ride the test often enough that I like to think I know it by now”) picked this horse as one of the best in the world.


Sometimes, promise takes a while to be achieved.


Parzival and Adelinde Cornelissen, needing a 74-75 to displace the Spanish team sitting in provisional 2nd, of course accomplished that and more. With a 79.629 , of course the pair lived up to their star status and achieved every point, with well over 80 from 2 of the judges.


Still to come—Legolas and Steffen Peters for the United States;

Charlotte Dujardin and Valegro for Great Britain.


Mathematically, either can displace Spain for bronze, as Spain is done and currently 3rd as a team.


And of course, Donnperignon for Denmark has been going very well, as have Tiine Wilhelmson and Don Auriello for Sweden.



Hey—this is what passes for excitement in dressage.


Back later.







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