Day Two … feels like forever but it’s only morning

26 Aug



The hierarchy that is human nature PLUS the insufferable ideas of FEI…PLUS the truly insufferable French, a category unto themselves…truly conspire to make anyone’s WEG slightly less of an experience than it might otherwise be.


No startlists for the spectators—we can start right there.

The arbitrary ideas and rudeness of the volunteer (?) security guards. The lack of decoration, of adornment, of spectacle.


Two metal rearing horse statues do not do it.

A couple of posters do not do it.

Surly security who have no idea where anything further away that 3 feet from their appointed spot (excuse me, 1 metre, because anything not French is…lesser) Do Not Do It.


On the other hand, the horses definitely Do It and the riders are often right up there with them.




If anyone can be said to deserve a great partner, German uber-legend Isabell Werth is right up there.

Sure she is the most highly-decorated, winningest dressage rider out there. And yes, she is part of the equine juggernaut (failure is not an option) known as Germany or DEU for Deutschland on countless championship rolls of honor.


But her joy in the mare Bella Rose is palpable, and the audience rushes to embrace the feeling along with her. Each pat on the neck, loving tap on the hind end—we get to do it too, to feel that specialness of two athlete partners enjoying the other’s ability .

In any sport, there is always the inner clique—the athletes, their close team members—that form a mini-world which allows the performers to concentrate on getting into The Zone and produce best performances.


Thank you, Isabell and thank you ,Bella Rose.


Also exciting was the partnership of U.S. Laura Graves and Verdades. It is difficult to believe that this is their first year of Grand Prix, let alone international championship Grand Prix.



They are the kind of athletes that can spark a real new growth in a sport…maybe not on the same scale as 13-year-old baseball phenom   Mo’Ne Davis, but still huge.



With Olympic medalist and face-of-US-dressage Steffen Peters and Legolas to cap the U.S. rides, the competition is far from over.


On to the afternoon and team medals decided.

Well, gold is fairly well spoken for, but the battle between the Dutch and the British is far from decided, and several teams are definite possibles, fighting for 4 through 7 or even dreaming of a podium spot.


So for a few moments anyway, dressage will be exciting!


One Response to “Day Two … feels like forever but it’s only morning”

  1. halfpass August 26, 2014 at 12:10 pm #

    I am so happy about the Bella Rose/ Isabel partnership. Long a favorite rider of mine despite criticism of others. If she is feeling joyous with her horse, we are in for good stretch of great competition over the next few years!

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