And so it began…

25 Aug


Kristina Sprehe and Desperados, morning lead for Germany



It is raining. It is a French rain. That means it is Henri le Chat weather and if the creator did not keep total ownership of the image, I would here put a photo of Henri le Chat, properly recognized.


Germany makes it claims with first ride. D’Agostino and rider have been reserve at 2012 after the pair have also been Young Rider stars, and show the strength of the generations as this is 3rd generation international GP rider….THIS is what a real pipeline produces.

The horse does not have the expression and power of some, but the ride is correct, clean, and in good rhythm and balance.

A few rides later, Netherland’s Diederik van Silfhout,also son of an international GP trainer/rider/breeder, Alex van Silfhout, comes in on his young, inexperienced stallion Arlando. Diederik has been recipient of Rabobank support and KNHS acknowledgement, etc. etc ., and shows the strength of another pipeline, and now no matter what happens **, the Dutch have a 73+ in the bank. The horse starts out holding its breath but the rider asks where he can, reassures as he needs to and the end of the test shows the promise of the future—beautiful, all through the body extended trot, lovely centerline, horse taking the weight and remaining elastic and connected.

And then, the rotation comes around again and Germany’s Kristina Sprehe and her stallion Desperados enter and the sun even tries to come out, but just misses.

As did the performance. 80 and clearly above, hugely elastic, always uphill, the schooling sessions were magnificent.

But the reality is the competition arena and here, just a slight loss of thoroughness mars the piaffe–not quite enough sit, not really through the back up through the shoulders. The passage however remains regular, the canter work is lovely, the walk fine, so a 78+.


After lunch, the Dutch 2nd in rotation comes through, Hans-Peter Minderhoud and the stallion Johnson. A high-powered test, as one expects from this experienced, polished rider. Johnson has been getting better and better scores as the qualifying season progressed. But here, the passage loses the rhythm, double-timing, once in a while lost entirely behind.

A mistake in the twos, and they (maybe happy considering) leave with a 74+.

See you all later.




** “No matter what happens”, because of course top stars have done last-minute withdrawals and there is the usual snafus that are the foundation of all such huge, unwieldy events.



2 Responses to “And so it began…”

  1. halfpass August 25, 2014 at 1:31 pm #

    Thank you Lita! And thank you for giving description of throughness, collection, relaxation.! Can’t wait for video, but keep sending the commentary!!! Love Leslie

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