We have arrived!

22 Aug




(U.S. dressage team minus one head, watching warm-ups at WEG)



Flying California-Paris non-stop seemed such a no-brainer: no need to wake up from non-sleep, pray everything was in bag, pray luggage made it to next plane,etc etc…

But it had its own charm.

AN hour delay to take-off as plane late.

Three passengers disappeared between luggage checked-in and put on plane….then no-shows…then looking for them,then removing luggage from plane.


Then, 3+ hours more sitting like a monkey in the shuttle van from Paris to Caen, the actual WEG venue. Then 2 hours more, dropping off everyone else at their hotels, finishing with myself electing to go to the media office and pick up credentials.


And then 90 minutes more, looking for said office.

No—no one knew where it was. Then someone gave the driver directions….down a one way street wrong way.

Eventually, I channeled my inner Grania Willis (head of FEI Press Dept) and located the Media Office.

“There! There!” I half-screamed, half-sobbed at my driver, nearly falling out the door in my desire to stand vertical.


But it was the wrong media office.


Eventually, we found the correct media office. I got my all-important ID on a ribbon.

And this morning, I returned to the original media office (don’t ask) and received a hole-punch in my new ID tag plus a nifty bag to carry everything I was already carrying (too bad they didn’t give me the bag last night….but ah, opportunity.)


Thus an auspicious start to a brave new world of WEG.


Everything is still topsy-turvy, but the riders have arrived, are still arriving.

Everyone waits to see if there are any more last-minute withdrawals and substitutions.


If there are, your reporter here will hopefully be on top of it and file another blog post. (I’ve always wanted to write that).


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