Vote For Me political platform statement

16 Aug

Horse outer space

To the best-qualified candidate for FEI president:
Please know that I , Lady Dove of Wansley Manor,  (also Lady Glencoe, Lady as well of of Petco, Costco, and Tesco), will gladly throw all my constituency votes to you.
This includes all the plots of land above, plus the International Space Station which we have designated for ourselves as a satellite nation; also  the newly-emergent islands off the coast of China, PLUS   Surtsey, Anak Krakatau,Gwadar, Nijiima –and ALL the human-manufactured islands; plus several heretofore undiscovered tribes in South America, Africa and Australasia. Please note we have already given them the globalization packet and encouraged them to harness their wild animals and start breeding equid-crosses. (A scientific experiment for which we have provided grant seed money).

Dear highly qualified candidate:

Please make horse welfare the priority it was always meant to be.
The main reason FEI was created in 1921 was to provide a code of conduct for equestrians and to protect and guard the welfare of the horse.
What is needed is enough political will to enforce the rules that already exist to protect our partners, whatever the discipline.

How can IOC refuse horses in competition—the last of the truly pure athletes competing only for partnership and trust. Not even wrestlers with their glorious and ancient Olympic tradition can match horses for pure motivation and expression.
How can we not have $$ rolling in for horses—perhaps the only athletes that humans recognize as still pure of spirit, of energy as well as grace—let alone motive.
A horse decides to be a partner—gives itself over to that partnership and radiates trust…
and yet we have so few useful sponsorships.
Budweiser understands how to present horses—and yet FEI does not?
A beer company understands but the organization that oversees all the stories ,all the moments—does not?
Here is hoping for a wonderful, profitable new beginning, a moment when horse sport grew up and accepted both its responsibility and future.


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