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30 Jun

standing on soapbox

A new candidate for FEI Presidency: me!

I propose a candidate who sees everything with a fresh view; years in horses as well as marketing and entertainment; years pouring blandishments into the ears of critics, wining and dining the multitudes in order to create the proper atmosphere for good reviews and good fortunes.

The incumbent will win by a landslide, but still — a message can and should be sent.

Here we are, rolling towards WEG, rolling towards the election for the FEI Presidency. Rolling towards the next 4 years of equestrian sport. Wondering, really, if the state of equestrian horse sport is such that NO ONE is even bothering to offer to run for this job,which has become more of a corporate entity than an organization dedicated to horse welfare as the highest priority.

But why?

Sponsorship for equestrian just comes from the same tired almost cliched sources, when there is an entire world out there that loves horses and could be tapped for contributions: entertainment,–the list goes on and on.

Horse welfare is corrupted in nearly every discipline–and yet the rules and regulations already exist to control and reduce the problem. We need our organization to ENFORCE the existing rules, not make more and more plans and regulations.

The partnership with the horse is the single most important part of horse sport. We need stories that touch the heart, that reinforce what is so special about our love for the horse, our partnership with this amazing creature. The horse is the star,and yet so little research, so little funds, spent by our own organization to understand, to promote.

My ‘candidacy’ is really meant to be a message to FEI :

that the stakeholders really do care about horse sport and welfare of the horse ;

that we want to keep the lines of communication open in both directions, but expect real change;

that we need transparency in reality, not just as a thought on a page.

Recently, FEI held elections for Rider Representatives for each discipline. Here is how the voting went (and yes, there was a glitch in the online voting link which FEI says it corrected a week or so before the deadline closed):

Jumping – 52 voted/2,399 eligible to vote
Dressage – 58/632
Eventing – 62/3,271
Driving – 45/461
Endurance – 169/3,337
Vaulting – 26/229
Para-Equestrian – 16/258
Reining – 3/268


So the fault of seeming indifference is on both sides.

And yet, I offer myself on the sacrificial plate, just to enliven the upcoming “election”.

shaking hands

Here is the link to the petition: Vote For Me, and am hoping to collect enough signatures that we send a clear message to our organization.


Please sign the petition and help send a message.

Thank you.













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