Yet again–be careful what you wish for

13 Jan


The US Figure Skating Championships have just ended and one consequence has been selection of the athletes for the Winter Olympics.

As everyone knows, figure skating was rocked by scandal and out of that, put in place a new scoring system. More objective, Emphasis on the athleticism involved, the movements themselves. Kazillion judges watch for the slightest mis-step—an inside blade take-off or landing when it simply must be the other way around; a fingernail touching the ice after a jump; etc etc

In the women’s division, the 4th place went to Ashley  Wagner; once again, her nerves had gotten the better of her. she fell twice—and hard—during her free skate performance.Mortified, she went to a private place to cry over an Olympics missed, despite the US repeat championships, the high world ranking and competition placings.

But someone found her and told her to dry her eyes–she had been awarded the 3rd and final spot for the U.S. Team in one of the most subjective –and of course, controversial– decisions made by the selection committee.

Because the US Championship’s bronze medalist had been decisively snubbed. This skater had, apparently, found her elusive top form at this competition after taking time off for injury — but it was not enough. Instead, the committee decided to use the broader spectrum of the past year or so and chose a skater who was consistent–but also seems to succumb to pressure at the big-time meets outside the U.S.

So much for the great new scoring system. In the end, subjective and emotional won out. First place: 211.69  2nd place:193.63  3rd place:190.74   4th place: 182.74

This is the sport that over and over, we are told has ‘improved’ judging and scoring by making it –and the results–objective.

             wagner fall


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