23 Sep

What does it mean to win?  To come in first?

Sure—everyone who goes up center line, who enters the arena, they are all winners. And everyone loves a winner:  that special, heady feeling of success, achievement, magic.

This past week, there were all kinds of winners in horse sports across the board..

Schooling shows, regional championships, national championships, international qualifiers…. everything had nail-biting moments, reasons to cheer, reasons to commiserate about what might have been and surely would be, next time.

But everything took a back seat this past weekend, as I read Facebook entries from the family and friends of U.S. event trainer/rider—and wife and mom – Amy Barrington, who is surely fighting to win as she starts rehabilitation at  the world-renowned  Shepherd Center, in Atlanta, Georgia.

Barrington –yes she was wearing a helmet–suffered a serious traumatic brain injury as the result of a riding accident.

The first signs of consciousness have already appeared, the first yes/no, the first squeezing of hands—the first smile. It will be a long road.

Here’s to you, Amy, and family and friends. Yours is the  success I hope and pray for.

Amy B holding reins

(Amy holding her reins for first time since accident.)



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