So much going on

5 Aug

So much going on in horse sport, in top horse sport.

Hickstead just over, and optimism is everywhere.

The Dutch won the inaugural dressage Nations Cup series with 4 combinations not currently on A-team.

The American dressage riders  fought for silver at Hckstead in the same Nations Cup–and got it.

The British waited to see what kind of performances it would get from superstars Valegro and Uthopia and were rewarded with brilliant,  golden performances by both combinations.

The Germans discovered a new potential star in Jenny Lang and Loverboy.

European Dressage Championships are on the  horizon (and show jumping as well) for Herning, Denmark, and many countries should be optimistic. In addition to the Dutch and the British and the Germans, the Danes and the Swedes are certainly in the medal mix, and other countries, such a Spain, have high hopes for personal bests from various star combinations.

It is all very exiting, and I expect personal bests there and….maybe even the raising of The Bar, the Gold Standard. The one and only.

We shall see.

Before Europeans, there is World Young Horse Championships,, of course–this weekend. I have mixed feelings about this ‘sales promotion’ event, with both the fantastic eye candy horseflesh, almost each year raising the bar for expression and athleticism– and the attendant waste of so many good horses not quite mature enough, tough enough, ready enough, to star on this manufactured stage.

I know for sure that one horse is not being overtaxed, or asked for anything before his time, so a shout-out to  US representatives Vitalis and partner Charlotte Jorst: may they have personal bests.

*********************              ********************

I have read the rules for show jumping Nations Cup several times, and still cannot figure out how teams qualify. But I do know that come September in Barcelona, the final will have 15 teams. Or maybe 18, including wild cards. And possibly Germany, even though they were disqualified over the debacle at St. Gallen, when they were the ONLY team to refuse to compete in the despicable,dangerous conditions and refused to be swayed by FEI ‘suggestions’ (aka threats).

Nevertheless, this is a happy  post, so shall end with two photos of horsemen who have raised the bar several times.

Carl UtiCarl and Uthopia


The one and only Hugo Simon and ET


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