European Championships next month

15 Jul

So GBR team rider  Nick Skelton and Big Star will sit out the Show Jumping and concentrate instead on Rio  and maybe Normandy (2016 Olympics and WEG next year).

No one in dressage seems to be ‘sitting out’ unless Dutch super-star  Parzival is simply not fit enough in a month and must hope to maintain condition through WEG.

Far from sitting out, the British have re-united their golden Olympic team members: Carl/Uthopia; Laura/Mistral Hojris; Charlotte/Valegro; and added Michael/Delphi.

But no matter what new drama takes place between now and next month, one rider will be sorely missed.


Anky Sal Bonfire


It  feels weird to see her on the ground instead of flying on the back of one of her stars.

She is known the world over by one name–Anky–like a rock star.  Her record speaks for itself and traces the evolution of the sport in so many ways.

For sure, she will be at Europeans, probably coaching, but in any case– both feet on the ground.





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