Everyone from Europe–put your hand up!

24 Jun

judgepanel Two



Judge panel for Rotterdam CDIO 2013:

                      Plewa  GER

                      Hoevanaars   AUS

                      Gardner   GBR

                      Tornblad DEN

                       Verbeek  NED

                       Van Daele  BEL

Judge panel for Aachen CDIO  2013:

                      Plewa  GER

                      Hoevanaars  AUS

                       Gardner   GBR

                       Tornblad   DEN

                        Verbeek  NED

                        Judet   FRA

                        Lang  AUT

Judge panel  European Dressage Championships  2013

                       Plewa   GER

                        Hoevanaars  AUS

                         Gardner   GBR

                         Tornblad   DEN

                         Verbeek  NED

                         Judet  FRA

                         Svalling  SWE

                         Alonso  MEX  (reserve)

  Am sincerely hoping that no judge in interviews says they are tired of the same-old same-old when it comes to the kurs, as they will undoubtedly be watching the same floor plans and hearing the same music at least 3 times for many of the competitors.     


      5* judges from the Americas:







                               Steiner—note: this is Axel’s last year judging 5*.

Yes, there is a team from the U.S. at Aachen, but certainly none at Rotterdam and obviously none at the Europeans.

This was  an opportunity for clearly unbiased judging, and no one  (FEI, talking to you) took the opportunity to ask for at least one foreign judge to come from the Americas or anywhere outside Europe .  Maribel Alonso (Mexico)  is RESERVE judge.

Yayy globalization.


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