Happy anniversary…

16 Apr

A year’s worth of HORSESPORTNEWS, and  I’ve firmly resisted the impulse to allow the outside world to matter more than horse sport.

The world economy goes south?  Talk about ‘What if Totilas had never been sold?’

Border wars between nations exacerbate tension? Report on the  ‘The Hamilton Farm Stable Courtyard’  to honor three U.S. showjumping legends — Frank D. Chapot, George H. Morris and William C. Steinkraus. In the photo, there is barely room in the ‘courtyard’ for the 3 men to sit on chairs.


Global warming? Talk about ‘Making a Plan’ for horsesport in the U.S.

A crazy person goes to an elementary school in order to gun down innocent 5 and 6 year olds? Talk about the ‘FEI’s inconsistent and rather incomprehensible ‘blood rule’ –all as clear as mud.’

A year has gone by; this blog opened by talking about Wellington, Florida and the insane powermongering that was going on. That feud has only escalated.


We have had a glorious Olympics, the kind that make dreams seem a bit more real.

World records have been broken; new stars have emerged and even newer ones flash on the horizon.

Here’s to the future and the return to optimism.

chagall songofsongs(Chagall  Song of Songs IV (Le Cantique des Cantiques IV)








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