4 rings available, but only one ring used…

18 Feb





Dressage show numbers are supposedly on the rebound in the U.S.  More riders showing in more classes,etc.

But looking at results over the past few months–even allowing for weather and winter and other possibilities–numbers of rides and riders are clearly down in both California and Florida, the “hotbeds’ of dressage in the U.S.

Yes–trainers are showing and FEI classes on both coasts at open and CDI shows have multiple entries. But it is too often those same trainers who are the lone entry or majority of riders at lower levels.

Where are the new riders who are starting out? Lower level classes do not have any numbers, any rider support.

Trainers at local shows are only  half-smiling when they say they now have  part-time jobs, as client numbers have truly dwindled and are not being replenished by new amateurs, new younger riders or even new horses.

Is this the norm everywhere? Hope to get some feedback.




Sending best wishes to the  2009  U.S. Horse of the Year Thoroughbred mare, Rachel Alexandra, now recovering from post-birth complications and very serious surgery.

Updates on Rachel’s condition can be found at




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