As the world turns…

21 Jan


I already wrote about the Longines-FEI obliteration of Rolex


but what truly concerns me is the rationale for this abrupt, dictatorial, totally non-transparent fait accompli from on high ( or Haya,LOL).

Total conjecture and speculation on my part–but I cannot help but believe that after the current FEI’s presidency is over, (if it is ever really “over”) the influence and direction of FEI will be controlled by the decisions made now:

that is to say, the next FEI president;

horse sport supremacy on the part of  the globe-that–is-not-European Equestrian Federation;

the commercialization and lack of interest in horse welfare from the international federation itself; etc.

What about the stakeholders’ voices?

Is apathy really so great that no one cares what happens so long as a few crumbs are thrown in their own general direction, in their own little frog pond?

The FEI has discovered the weakness of the internet: that news may now be instantaneous, but human nature is such that the only result is endless internet discussion.

Cannot believe this, but I find myself rooting for EEF and Rolex—may some sense of fairness prevail.

Human beings are not designed to live in a state of heightened awareness 24/7.

Nevertheless,  there needs to be a conscious decision to leave one’s tiny part of the world better off. That day, that week, that month, that year, that life.

For example– US Olympic rider Jan Ebeling decided to bring together his local community of dressage enthusiasts and trainers. For a weekend, he and wife Amy opened their farm, The Acres, and thanks to generous local sponsorship, discussed everything dressage: over a wonderful catered lunch, he talked about what it takes to pursue a dream, and during lessons given by himself and Olympian  Hilda Gurney, the training of horses was explained for the audience of a few hundred.

We want more pony riders? Why not have some of our top trainers offer to reach out to Pony Club at the regional level, and offer a training session or two? (When Hilda Gurney ran Woodland Hills Pony Club, several Olympic medalists came and taught, not to mention international trainers). Delegate someone to reach out to the local media for coverage. Have a contest for a child , for an adult,for the dog down the street that best  sings “I love you”to its owner.

When California Dressage Society was founded, the members got together,decided on a clinician,and arranged a clinic. Now, it has to be an ‘event’ that takes months,even years, to plan.

Has the world truly  become that much more complex that simple acts cannot be achieved?

If  horse sport stakeholders are to regain some power, perhaps they better start exercising their options.




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