FEI again. Because the problem still does not go away

19 Nov


And yet again, FEI.


So the FEI is tired of the jumper riders flocking to Global Champions Tour. And  tired of the success of World Dressage Masters. 

Rather than hire ambitious minds to make their own shows more enjoyable for rider/spectator/sponsor/organizer, they simply announce a new rule, which of course, as planned first goes unnoticed — and then gets picked up by those pesky Internet chat boards.


The rule states:

<<  If an athlete, horse or an FEI official participates in a

non-sanctioned event, such person or horse will be prohibited from

participating in any sanctioned events, both international and national, for a

period of six months thereafter. An unsanctioned event is an event that is not

on the FEI calendar and is not authorised by a National Federation.>>


USEF as well as other national federations was asked what ‘the rule’ meant and as usual, has no answer.

FEI, pushed for a reply, issues a ‘clarification’ of their own  rule .What is a clarification of a rule? Please, don’t  sweat the small stuff.


<<  any show that has 15 or more international riders from 4 or more countries MUST be sanctioned  by FEI. Ie: controlled by/give money to FEI or be considered un-sanctioned (ie riders will receive no points toward FEI rankings which determine interest of sponsors, team qualifications, etc).


BUT, obviously even the FEI understands they cannot write a rule aimed  only at GCT or WDM; the lawyers on both sides would be caught up for years arguing restraint of trade, monopoly, anti-trust.



Being FEI, they announce a ridiculous ,ambiguous, meaningless rule, THEN get caught out (how did that happen? It was so …ambiguous, so meaningless, so…FEI) and THEN ‘clarify’ the rule.


How can anyone legitimately interested in horse sport allow this claptrap to continue unchallenged?


Because no one wants to take on the paperwork.

FEI has cleverly buried itself in so many committees, so many layers of insulation, so many rules and fiefdoms, it is almost impossible to see the structure any more.

Not to mention the NIMBY rule (Not in My Back Yard).


The way that rule works, when you piss off a group or organization, you give them a morsel or two, whatever it takes to get them to stop complaining and nod their heads in unison.

FEI did this when the rather powerful EEF (European  Equestrian  Federation ) challenged  the proposed re-organization of show jumping Nation’s Cup. The original FEI concept ,fueled by the $20 million Saudi Eq Fund, basically made show fixtures like Aachen and Hickstead stand in line to BID on the possibility of being allowed to hold a Nation’s Cup qualifier.

Now ,of course, after 45 member-strong EEF said NO , the proposal is that in Europe, it will be  business as usual.

Just to put this into  perspective, $20 million is about the cost for two of the  show jumper horses the Saudis bought last year to help them to their team bronze medal at London Olympics.

So leaving Nation’s Cup qualifier shows open to a bidding process could be detrimental to anyone outside the Middle East.

Or China—the other new powerhouse country that is gearing up for horse sport as Europe becomes first saturated with shows and then entirely monopolized by the FEI.


So far, in its efforts to ‘be transparent and democratic’, the FEI has summarily abolished all the Associate Members who represent the very stakeholders that make up FEI. The dressage riders, the jumper riders, the vaulters, the show  organizers, the owners, etc.

THAT is how you get rid of annoying debate.

FEI rules;  it does not discuss.


How does this affect you?  Well, if you are in North America, your opinion on horse sport,your concerns, your plans for the future, are of even less importance to FEI than they were before the emergence of globalization.

Welcome to the FEI version of the 21st century.


One Response to “FEI again. Because the problem still does not go away”

  1. georgialangsam November 19, 2012 at 5:47 pm #

    From what you are reporting and what I’ve read about the FEI eliminating associate members, they sound self-destructive? Is the problem that they are being taken over by middle-eastern $$$ and don’t give a rats ass about anyone else? Oh yes, and it was PAINFUL to watch the riding of the Saudi riders on those nice honest horses at the Olympics!

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