Setting the bar. Upping the bar.

22 Oct

FEI Regulations passed at last General Assembly, Nov 2011
<< Furthermore, on the basis of guidance received from the IOC, it was clarified that if one member of a Dressage, Jumping, and Eventing team is disqualified for an anti-doping violation, the entire team would be disqualified. However, in Jumping the team members that did not commit the doping violation would still be able to keep their score for purposes of the individual placings.>>

Yoo Hoo, FEI people: it is now late October, 2012, a few weeks before General Assembly once again. Maybe the dressage and eventing people want to get this rule modified/rescinded/changed…?



World Cup competition has started with authority and excitement in Europe—2013 is the year that does not have Olympics or WEG.
Odense, Denmark was the first of 8 CDI-Ws for Western European League . Later this year, in August, there will be the 3-discipline European Championships (show jumping, dressage and Para) which also will be held in Denmark (at Herning). The world-famous Danish breeding operation, Blue Hors, is title sponsor of the Dressage Championships.
The line-up at Odense included WC title holders Adelinde Cornelissen and Parzival; Edward Gal and Blue Hors Romanov; Ann Kasprzak and Donnperignon. All were most recently at the Olympics, and they were joined by a full roster of other stars, Olympians past and present.
As it happens, the three named finished 1-2-3.
But the reason to mention them is because ALL three delivered some of the best performances they have ever done.
Parzival’s score in Odense was perhaps .2 lower than London, but the ease, the harmony, the flow, the beauty of the partnership—all were visibly improved. Cornelissen took the lesson of London very seriously and went home AND DID SOMETHING ABOUT IT.
Had Parzival shown this kind of self-carriage and harmony in London, the medals might easily have gone the other way.

But horse sport is unlike any other sport, Olympic or not, precisely because the horse does not read the same book, have the same ambition, or necessarily want gold rather than silver.
Cornelissen is sitting a bit differently and her timing patterns have changed just a bit and Parzival has AGREED to go along with this. This most sensitive, most complicated, most athletic creature, already fully trained, has agreed to try out new ideas.

Edward Gal started riding Romanov about one year ago. The stallion had two previous riders, but hit a kind of wall with each of them in turn. The partnership here has been on display since the first stallion show last year, but it is only now that the promise shown has delivered in full.
Watching Edward Gal adapt his own style to maximize the horse’s focus and trust is a gift unto itself.
Anna Kasprzak is only 22, already has Olympics under her belt, part of a strong Danish team, and has also taken a horse developed by another rider and has forged a true and serious partnership, improving her own riding and the horse’s performance.

All three recogni9zed the bar set at these London Olympics –and are working on raising that bar.

Hats off to ever more exciting competition.


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