Comings and Goings

10 Sep

How to make dressage more interesting—take a few tips from Glock Horse Performance Center in Austria:
GHPC Entertainment highlights:
Thursday, 6 September at 8pm.: vocal duo Marshall & Alexander

Friday, 7 September at 8pm.: star tenor Paul Potts & Orchestra

Saturday, 8 September at 8pm.: violinist David Garrett in concert
Each day and evening, Star guests

Sunday, 9 September—only the horses.
And sure, not everyone can pick up a phone and have Burt Reynolds agree to mingle with other spectators in the deluxe stadium tables, and not everyone can have their own star riders, Hans-Peter Minderhoud and Edward Gal, appear in the startlists—but everyone CAN start making dressage more of an entertainment surrounding the horses and raise the bar for rewarding athletic performance.
Not to mention favorites such as  ‘pimp my pony’;

ride and drive:

mixed team competition (jumper/polo/dressage/reining/whatever all doing one another’s sport)
I can dream, right????


…If only USEF had done this after McLain Ward/Sapphire at World Cup Final, maybe we would not still have this farce. Everyone may remember the famous pencil-prod on the same spot 17 times which ‘proved’ hypersensitivity according to the FEI vet and which disqualified Ward, the leading rider at that point.
<< Canada’s Sport Council establishes a Hypersensitivity Protocol Task Force. The objective of the Task Force will be to review the International Equestrian Federation’s Protocol for Thermography and Clinical Examination (Hypersensitivity of legs) to ascertain, from the perspective of Canada’s equestrian sport community, if the protocol and its application are achieving the intended outcomes in an equitable and effective manner.>>


Olympic gold medalist , Canadian show jumper Eric Lamaze says on Facebook that he plans to take a break from competition to think about his and out of the sport. As of now, he says he will return to show jumping in early 2013.
Even after the tragic loss of his amazing partner, the stallion Hickstead,  Lamaze threw himself into Olympic preparations for London. Now, he will spend some time in California and recharge.
Best wishes to Eric Lamaze, a true champion.


World-class American rider Leslie Morse, best known for her partnerships with the stallions Kingston and Tip Top, is now planning an extended stay in England. She will take some of her top Kingston and Tip Top babies to work with her longtime mentors, Kyra Kyrklund and Richard White.
The ‘babies’ have just started showing Prix St.Georges, and Leslie says her stay is open-ended: “ Time is short and we all need to live our passion .”


King’s Excalibur and Leslie at home schooling–taking after Dad–

Leslie and Kingston



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