Database–is it a key? Is it even important?

20 Aug

Is an equestrian database a necessity for success in horse sport?

The Germans and Dutch have  always had registries and with the internet came the appearance of (pick your language –pedigree, results, registration, owners, etc.

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The British  started compiling their National Equine Database (NED)  in 2008, as a way to track successful sport lines,register as many British horses as possible, and in all ways have a central,easily available information and data center for all horses.

We all know how the equestrian part of these recent Olympics went: with few notable exceptions, those 3 countries dominated the results.

Today, the British government withdrew its financial support for this database.

This means that all NED services including horse search, lost and stolen register, horse associations, pedigree, progeny and performance reports, passport check, NEDLinks and equine reminders will no longer be available.


I have been interested in all this because a horse sport database just seems like such an obviously good idea to promote horse sport: to have a centralized, user-friendly location that keeps records. This is something that the United States has needed for a long time.

NED obviously does a lot more than horsetelex: it attempts to provide a way to support effective breeding and competition AND everything else including the kitchen sink.

So here’s hoping we can create a database in the U.S. and  keep it afloat the same way horsetelex does–by asking those who gain from its use to support  the database rather than the government funding it.




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