Some more thoughts about dressage and Carl Hester

8 Aug

Several World Cups ago, Carl Hester and Escapado represented Great Britain at World Cup Finals. ‘Peanuts” as Escapado was called at home, was an incredibly gifted , very sensitive horse.

World Cup was in Las Vegas: we had smoke bombs, we had clowns, we had fireworks.

It was a bit much for Peanuts, and he  laid down a freestyle marred by tension, despite his great gifts for the ‘three P’s of dressage: piaffe,passage, pirouettes.

Discussing all this well after the fact, Carl said simply that he could hear Peanuts’ heart pounding when they entered the tightly packed indoor arena, and that Peanuts gave him his heart during that performance.

Watching Carl on Uthopia on the biggest stage of them all, I suddenly realized that he was reacting to every tremor from the stallion.It made for some interesting moments,  but I like to think the difference here is that Uti was doing the same thing right back at Carl–each of them re-focusing the other.

So here’s to Peanuts, now happily retired at Carl’s farm.

And here’s to Uthopia. I doubt that Uti will get to retire to Carl’s after going to whatever is his new home–he is a highly-prized breeding stallion whose stock has only gone sky-high.

But one can hope that the new home will be able to hear the heart of a great horse.




One Response to “Some more thoughts about dressage and Carl Hester”

  1. Shannon August 8, 2012 at 8:51 pm #

    Beautifully written – you brought tears to my eyes.

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