The Grand Prix. London. Wow.

3 Aug


It was their day.


And it was his day too.


The Grand Prix is over and the team competition is, for now,

Great Britain



and then Denmark, United States, Spain, Sweden,Poland, Australia

Next Tuesday, the Grand Prix Special will be contested,and after that, team medals will be awarded.


But the big thing is that the bar has been raised.



Toto-and-Ed have been the gold standard,for sure. And how I miss them at these Games!

But today, Charlotte Dujardin and Valegro, both coached by the inimitable Carl Hester (who of course rode Uthopia to current 5th place) , laid down a new Olympic record for the Grand Prix.

I wrote “Yes!” 33 times, one for each box of the Grand Prix score sheet.

83+ is the new bar, and I have a feeling it will go higher before the dressage competition is finished.


What set ‘Blueberry-and-Char” (as they will probably be known if not already) apart from the other rides was :

the easy,effortless willing manner–the horse just offers and Charlotte says thank you and they move on with impeccable transitions;

the glow, the glamour if you will, that just surrounds the top athlete of a category. Sort of like Ichimura in the men’s all-around gymnastics;

the harmony and partnership, the lack of hesitation, the scope of each movement.


Others can talk about specifics of this test. Will move on after saying that there is a book (I am looking at it right now), “The Olympic Dressage Test in Pictures” which features the legendary German rider and coach, Harry Boldt with Remus.

I think we are ready for the pictures to be updated now.



I was going to get on here and do a test-by-test thumbnail, but will wait until the Grand Prix Special is finished.

Looking at my notes, the thought keeps bubbling up that the GPS will be more decisive than this GP, where some very good combinations battled nerves, and a few others were over-scored just as a few were under-scored.

This will all be ‘tempest in a teapot’ until after the team competition is truly over, so will wait until then to join the fray, LOL.


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