Grace Under Pressure= OLYMPICS!!!

30 Jul


<< A July 2 story in Al Jazirah newspaper quoted Prince Nawaf bin Faisal outlining the conditions for female participation in London, saying they must “wear suitable clothing that complies with Sharia (Islamic law) … the athlete’s guardian agrees to attend with her … (and) there must be no mixing with men during the Games.”>.

So I guess we will never see  Dalma Rushdi Malhas or any other female equestrian until and unless such ideas change.

There is no way to wear the hijab and comply with the idea of a helmet. There is no way to cover one’s body in loose-fitting clothes and ride.

And most of all—there is no way to go to ANY international event and not ‘mix with men’.


Well, once upon a time, we had USET team HQ. Very majestic, imposing, a ploace where it was easy to see that dreams were being made. Now we have a teeny weeny  piece of land, like a toy farm, surrounded by golf course etc.

I remember going when it was still ‘the Team’ and we competed to see who could shine the brass balls that decorated the stall front doors…when walking down the aisle, history and greatness was everywhere, every ghost, every legend.

So  three of the legends are now being honored with …a courtyard!!

The Hamilton Farm Stable Courtyard

Yes, that is all there is room for now, in terms of honors.

The courtyard will honor three U.S. showjumping legends — Frank D. Chapot, George H. Morris and William C. Steinkraus–  three men  who have helped create and define U.S. Showjumping and really, the international top sport.

The dedication has been made possible through a gift made to the Gladstone Fund by Jane Forbes Clark, United States Equestrian Team Foundation President, and will take place on Saturday, October 6, 2012.


Olympic eventing is in the middle of what used to be the meat and potatoes—cross-country—and which is now a Dieter’s Version of the sport. Nevertheless, grace under pressure abounds everywhere and this is proving to be a thriller, right through to the last ride.

Here’s hoping dressage provides as many wonderful moments of what it is to be a champion.

My favorite quote for my favorite riders/horses still remains tennis great Billie Jean King’s advice:

“Champions adjust and embrace the pressure.”


Yayyyy Olympics! (and thank heavens it only happens once every 4 years!)



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