Almost here! Almost here! Almost here!

23 Jul

There’s news this week—there is always “news”, right?
But it is the week before the closest spectacle we have to Hunger Games—the Summer Olympics.
And basically, it is a long, collectively held breath that will not be released until Opening Ceremony.
The Internet has changed everything.
So much is out there to be read, listened to, looked at.
2008, we were happy to have the internet.
2012—it has taken over. There are so many blogs. So many twitter accounts.
So many photos. So much Facebook. So much media…

The only thing missing are the carefully guarded vet reports and private life details. Those are all in PRIVATE tweets and phone texts and calls.
Nevertheless, two tidbits:
The Steven Colbert lesson with Michael Barisone will be this Thursday—thank heavens Viacom and DIRECTV have settled.
The lesson is the result of the intense media frenzy jump-started to a great deal by Colbert when he picked dressage as his summer Olympic sport and created a small industry in foam fingers to be waved at the US Olympic trials, after Colbert gently poked humor at the shadbellies and tophats of dressage, using Jan Ebeling and Rafalca as his models.
Markus Gribbe appears to be MIA from Canadian dressage team—he was not at Hartpury, does not appear to be getting ready for London. Gribbe has had many interesting jobs, including but not limited to: auction rider Vechta; trainer for the Becholsheimers; partnership with Harli Seifert, the well-known breeder; and so on.
Instead, former Canadian team coach, the US Olympic rider Robert Dover, was ringside at Hartpury and has said on his own website he will be ringside at the Olympics for the Canadians.
Of course, Gribbe’s original contract really only ran until Nov-Dec.2011, so it is possible that a decision was made months ago to just wing it for a while.
And so, it is only right and fitting to close with Olympic predictions.

Team .
1. Great Britain
2. Germany
3. Netherlands
I tried to do this several times, but am wimping out and will just alphabetically list horses in my Top Ten:
Augustin/ V. Max-Theurer
Desperados/ K. Sprehe
Digby/ Princess Natalie
Mistral Hojris/ L/ Bechtolsheimer
Parzival/A .Cornelissen
Ravel/ S. Peters
Scandic/ P. Kittel
Undercover/ E.Gal
Uthopia/ C.Hester
Valegro/ C.Dujardin

And my sentimental favorite for kur is Salinero/ A. van Grunsven. I NEVER bet against them.

And looking ahead, for 2014, the name that will be added here will be Isabell Werth on something amazing.

On to the Games! Here’s hoping everyone , horse and rider have personal best!


3 Responses to “Almost here! Almost here! Almost here!”

  1. Savannah Brentnall July 23, 2012 at 5:25 pm #

    I thought the Stephen Colbert lesson had already happened? Lauren Sprieser mentioned seeing it on Saturday when she went to Michael’s for a lesson. Or is Thursday the airdate?

    • horsesportnews July 23, 2012 at 8:59 pm #

      SFAIK, it is Lauren Sprieser who told everyone YESTERDAY (Sunday July 22) to “Clear your evening on Thursday!”

      Barring time-travel, I’m assuming that means this coming Thursday.


      • Savannah Brentnall July 23, 2012 at 9:00 pm #

        Ah, that makes sense. So the lesson took place last Saturday and will be aired on Thursday. I’ll set my Tivo!

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