Getting closer and closer…and closer

16 Jul

It is almost difficult to concentrate on this past weekend:
yes, Isabell Werth’s El Santo has decided piaffe is not beyond him, and got positive marks for this movement at Falsterbo’s World Dressage Masters show; yes, Patrik Kittel’s Scandic is starting to show the form that earned him individual bronze at last year’s Europeans; yes the future stars of dressage showed up at European YR and J championships (if you do not know what YR and J stand for, you don’t care anyway) and laid down tests that take one’s breath away and make one believe that there will be a future to horse sport; and…so on.

BUT everything now is in context to Olympics.
We are barely double digits away from Opening Ceremony. (Friday July 27, 2012, but who’s counting?)

Nerves will probably decide horse sports as well as just about all other athletic categories.
Who can focus. Who can stay in an ongoing ‘zone of concentration’. Who can cancel out atmosphere.

But with horse sport, there is the Great Intangible: the Other Mind.
We spend lots of time tuning in that other mind, asking it to stay on a particular frequency (no worries, the radio analogy stops here).

But the Other Mind…has a mind of its own. Which is why sense of humor, as well as humility, is one of the touchstones for successfully being involved with a horse.
Only horse sport pairs one ambitious athlete with an athlete of alien mind and interests and prizes partnership above all.

The Olympics are almost here, casting the big and encompassing shadow that comes once every four years.

Here is hoping every rider can settle down, believe it is just another day, another show, another arena or course.
Because for the horses–that is exactly what it is.

And may all produce personal best.


One Response to “Getting closer and closer…and closer”

  1. Sharon Bryant July 19, 2012 at 8:26 pm #

    Nice piece!

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