The Olympics and FEI decisions…

19 Jun


The Olympics—it is starting to get real.

Team Canada:

Ashley Holzer and Breaking Dawn or Pop Art (they are 1,2 on the list but Ashley can only ride one)

David Marcus and Chrevi’s Capitol

Jacquie Brooks and D- Niro

Reserve: Diane Creech/Devon L

Canadian Dressage team riders will compete at the Harpury Festival of Dressage in England (July 4-8), and hold their  training camp  at the farm of Natalie Allen, a British student of Canadian coach Markus Gribbe .

Team USA:

Steffen Peters/Ravel (and back-up Legolas)

Tina Konyon/Calecto V

Jan Ebeling/Rafalca

Individual (as soon as FEI formally announces): Adrienne Lyle/Wizard

Reserve: Heather Bliz/Paragon

US leaves for England July 9 ,goes  to “ private farm”; then goes to Hickstead for a ‘practice competition’  July 16. On  July 28, 4 of the 6 will be named to team+ individual, say goodbye to the other 2 and van over to Greenwich—the Olympics.



Earlier, I wrote:

<< appeal  by the Dominican Republic over the qualification of Brazil for an individual representative from South America is still to be heard by the Court of Arbitration for Sport.>>

Yes, even though CAS managed to figure out a way to almost overnight restore to Olympic participation the two suspended Saudi showjumpers (emphasis on both words), Dominican Republic dressage rider Yvonne Losos de Muniz is STILL waiting to hear whether or not she gets a spot to represent her country.

Finally—an answer:The appeal by the Dominican Republic will be heard by the Court of Arbitration for Sport on July 2. That is 30 days before horses go up centerline at Greenwich.

Why so late ,you ask?

Perhaps because the case involved neither Saudi nor show jumper.

Perhaps because this is dressage.

And perhaps because the Dominican Republic, while heartily representing the concept of ‘globalization’ so near and dear to FEI, has not seen fit to underwrite any major FEI programs, such as Nation’s Cup.

Even the IJRC (International Jumper Riders Club) was shocked at the CAS decision:

<<With surprise, the IJRC takes note of CAS’s Sole Arbitrator decisions concerning the cases mentioned, that diverge significantly from previous decisions about similar cases that have had different handling and severe penalties.

We expect that the CAS notifies the reasons for this arbitration award within the same period of time as this decision was taken by the Sole Arbitrator.

Following these decisions, we hope that in the future CAS will make sure to use an equitable and uniform measure, ensuring the principle of equal treatment for all riders.

The Court should act with care and precision especially at a moment like this, when FEI is doing a big effort with the Clean Sport project, that has to be a reference point for the Equestrian World.>>



BUT—and it is a big and most curious ‘but’ — FEI chose to waive its right to a 20 day period in which to draft their own presentation to CAS in the Saudi case (thus allowing a decision to be handed down in the most speedy fashion by a single arbitrator), but they did not do the same for the Dominican one.

Karen Robinson has addressed this entire episode most eloquently in her “Low-Down” column–


Nevertheless, the Olympics shine so brightly and magnificently, all and any imperfections will continue to fade into the background, replaced by a desire to believe once more in the best and the brightest, untouched by anything less than courage, talent, luck and skill.

Bring on August!


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