FEI! EEG! GCT! and more

13 Jun

HSP June 11 2012

So: Guadalajara won the bidding duel with Las Vegas to hold the 2015 SJ/Dressage WC Finals.
Because, as we all know, the international riders really want to ship their horses to Guadalajara and there is a huge fan base down there to fill the seats. And this will definitely grow interest in equestrian sport in the Americas.

BUT, I’m just betting the FEI coffers will get a huger chunk from this application than it could ever expect from Las Vegas. That was the fight in 2005 and again in 2007.
And we all know what is the most important part of the equation for FEI, right? Right!

The first Uthopia baby in Germany!
Uphoria RR was born June 8
Mare is Balaleika BreitlingxRubinstein; Stallion is Carl Hester’s European Championship partner, the great Uthopia, hopefully soon to be Carl’s Olympic partner in an equally successful adventure. Photos coming soon!

W.E.G? No, E.E.G! And GCT!
2015 Aachen has been awarded the first ever FEI European Equestrian Games in SJ, dressage, driving,vaulting, and reining. As opposed to World Equestrian Games.
Just like European Championships, except that for the first time, FIVE of these championships will be held at one time, in one place.
Eventing will be in England and para and endurance will be…elsewhere.
Why is this happening one wonders?
Well, show jumping is the heart and financial soul of FEI—lucrative sponsor deals,etc. FEI-TV is almost exclusively devoted to jumping; dressage is like the unwanted stepchild sent to sweep out the cellar.
But the biggest PITA for FEI has been GCT (oh, these acronyms!) GCT,Global Champions Tour, was created and brilliantly cultivated by Jan Tops,and these star-studded shows have huge purses and even more glamour, heavy sponsors, and everything else FEI wants.
What to do, what to do. FEI (Princess Haya) has threatened to withhold FEI sanctions from the GCT; has cut in half the value of the points won in its classes for the valuable FEI rankings list; but nothing has really stopped the growth of this rival.
And then– the recent announcement April 30 ,2012 that The Saudi Equestrian Fund has signed a deal with the FEI that will see it fund the FEI Nations Cup series for six years. Prestigious Nations Cup shows such as Spruce Meadows (Alta.) and Aachen (Germany) will have to consider date changes and abandoning their grand prix classes if they wish to stay in the new-look official Nations Cup series announced by the Fédération Equestrian International on May 1 at its sports forum in Lausanne, Switzerland.

So EEG is a plum, handed to Aachen to sweeten the bitter pill that will come in in having to stand in line and bid for a Nation’s Cup Qualifier—without the big Grand Prix class. So long, sponsors. Hello, suckers.

Dorothee Schneider added to Germany A-team. Ulla Salzgeber deleted from A-team.
Salzgeber, I’m guessing is giving a shrug to her ‘deletion’. She will go on riding/training/teaching, and if she finds another Erbe, will wait for the DOKR to beat a path to her door (German Olympic Committee).

Schneider, trainer of an entire string of horses from Bundeschampionat through GP success, has had recent great success with the super mare, Diva Royal as well as the gelding,Forward Looking, with which she just won the CDI4* kur at Lingen.
Applause for a well-deserved nomination: I hope for and expect Schneider to be part of a German team in the near future.


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