By the way…a quiet announcement

7 May

From an interview in the current issue of CHIO-Aachen Magazine:

Sjef Janssen points out that people were criticizing Matthias Rath when he did not live up to expectations at Rotterdam (European Championships) and now ,with all this success at Hagen, where he and Totilas won their classes with cores in the 80s, people want to criticize him for how he trains.

Then the article goes on to say:


Which translates as:

Janssen will train Rath for the Olympic Games in London this year.

Oh yeah.


Notes from Mannheim CDI 3*:

This was an official observation show for the Australians, and Lyndal Oatley, Hayley Beresford and Kristi Oatley all had successful rides.
Brett Parbery and Lord of Loxley, perhaps the shiniest star before the show, placed 31st out of 32 with a 60.
Brett explained to cyberhorse:

“I was thrilled with the test, it is just that my horse stuck his tongue out nearly the whole way through and we lost one or two points for every movement. But I was really really happy with him. He felt really rideable and we got all the transitions. I don’t know what it looked like but going on the maths I know I’ve lost a point every movement because I saw the tongue out and knew I would have been in the game, but have probably lost 10% overall.”

Naturally, Brett and his team have been trying to work out why it has happened this week and trying new things to try and get rid of it before Compeigne CDI in France next weekend–the 2nd observation trial.

Fingers crossed that the solution is found, they are such an elegant and exciting pair!


And finally– Canada’s dressage team coach, Markus Gribbe has moved yet again.
May 1, he moved all his horses (*and ended his agreement ) from Stal Bockmann to new stalls leased from Gestut Sprehe in Menslage.
By ‘all his horses’, this include’s Jamie White Welling’s elegant young new stallion, Tomahawk,purchased last year at Vechta for one million dollars US..


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