A day of congratulations…

5 May

Congratulations to Leslie Morse on King’s Emerald, her latest baby

Leslie has a great breeding program as well as doing well in show ring with homebreds— Dressage Week at Del Mar, where she won the Developing PSG Horse with King’s Excaliber (72.132)

Congratulations to Rich Fellers and the indefatigable Flexible—won the 1st observation trial for US Show Jump team Friday night in California. It’s been, what? Less than 2 weeks since World Cup Final? Ho hum, on to Del Mar. Sending best thoughts for tomorrow’s even BIGGER course.


Mannheim CDI3*, GP results just in.
CLEAR winner, Denmark.
1. Anna Kasprzak/Donnperignon (DEN) 76.00
2. Princess Nathgaline/ Digby (DEN) 72.57
3. Beata Stremler/Martini (POL) 71.128
4. Isabell Werth/ Warum Nicht (GER) 70.70
(Didn’t Isabell announce a week ago that she was giving the ride on Warum Nicht to her day rider, Matthias Bouten??? Hmm.
10. Christoph Koschel/Donnperignon(GER) 69.11
(Wonder if his former partner Donnperignon looking better to him now? Although he still might not make the German team, what with all the 80-and-above rides)

Mannheim an official observation show for Australia’s Olympic hopefuls.
Lyndal Oatley/Sandro Boy (watched by husband Patrik Kittel, Champion rider from Sweden) highest-placed, 7th with 69.72
Hayley Beresford/ Bellissimo, 68.82
Kristy Oatley/Ronan 68.55
Chantal Wigan/Ferero 66.70
Mary Hanna/Sancette 66.36
Rozzie Ryan/Bullwinke (65.55), Rachel Sanna/Alabaster (63.53) and Brett Parbery/(Lord of Loxley (61.13)
Next observation is Compeigne CDI (FRANCE) 31 May -3 June 2012. Kristy Oatley will probably ride her other top sport partner, Clive, in place of Ronan. This has been cleared with Australia’s selectors.


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