Helen ‘Sis’ Steinkrau…

1 May

Helen ‘Sis’ Steinkraus has died at home. Her husband, William Steinkraus, has long been the epitome and definition of a great horseman and great human being.
My condolences to Mr. Steinkraus and family.
Madeline Witte-Vrees says she still struggles with the recent , totally unexpected death of her Dutch team partner, Vontango from colic a few weeks ago. But this weekend, she took the KWPN stallion Wynton (Jazz x Matador)to do his first Grand Prix at Uden CDN on Sunday. “This was already planned a while ago, and I think Wynton is really ready. I do not rush things because of the death of Vontango, which of course would not be useful. , “said Madeleine Witte-Vrees.
Wynton was 2nd with a 67.66
Ludger Beerbaum, champion German showjumper, was missing from Hagen this past weekend to defend his title from last year’s show for good reasons—he got married. Beerbaum, 48, is in England to marry his longtime girlfriend Arundell Davison. This is Beerbaum’s 2nd marriage. He and his partner have been together for over 6 years and have two daughters.
Hagen. By now, everyone has seen the results, watched the videos, weighed in on the photos,so here, first, a bit of other Hagen news:
Professionals—WELTCLASSIKER and Bianca Kasselmann!!! The German Professional Riders Championship is held every year at Hagen, in memory to the legendary trainer, Bubi Gunther.
This year, Bianca Kasselmann and the PSI gelding Weltclassiker led from start to finish—with all 3 riders earning their highest scores on Weltclassiker when the top 3 did the customary final class, where they all ride all 3 horses and combined scores wins.
Hats off to a fantastic rider/horseman and her horse,who seems to have found new springs in his legs since returning to Germany last year!

Bianca K’s husband ,Uli Kasselmann, has announced his own version of Anky Education Center to be called Horse Competence Center!! Yes—a sort of Warendorf for foreigners…


The private, bodyguard-ed warm-up arena.
The photos of Totilas in extreme hyperflexion.
The court case in Germany where rider found guilty of abuse—spur holes, over-confinement of horses…and,yes, rollkur!!!!

Yes, the line in the sand is being drawn….
The yammering has already begun. Note to all yammerers: THIS is how you get a horse who has learned to lock/drop his back and be defensive (with good reason) to unlock and take the contact so you can reward in the connection.
This is all about BAD training and GOOD training a lot more than about anything German or Dutch.

The horse has had ,what? Over a year and a half of BAD training. And heaven knows the rider’s own timing patterns are barely there, but that should improve.

Hardly anyone has been more upset than I was to lose the artwork that was Toto-and-Ed. And none of the two performances so far even begin to approach that kind of partnership and harmony, let alone the more prosaic balance and rhythm.
Nevertheless—hats off to Rath, because there are few enough riders in the world who in their entire lifetime can change the foundation of their riding, let alone timing patterns — and Rath has done all this in a matter of months.
Anyway, the warm-up for any athletic endeavor is more like watching the physically extreme tune up sessions done by ballet and gymnasts that are nothing like the eventual, ethereal performance.

Yes–this is about BAD training and GOOD training.
Hyperflexion is just a tool in the toolbox.

Hats off to everyone who had a hand in this success—you know who you are.
From Chronicle of the Horse BB:


where is dressage’s ‘base of support’?


Well, I was interested to read the entire thread and am hoping people will say here how they themselves feel about the above.

Saudi Equestrian Fund will finance FEI Nations Cup 2012.
Even as the FEI Tribunal is deciding the fate of top 2 Saudi showjumpers found guilty of two variations of bute in their horses …President of the FEI, HRH Princess Haya, announced today that the Saudi Equestrian Fund will finance the enhanced version of FEI Nations Cup show jumping . This statement was made today during the opening of the FEI Sports Forum in Lausanne (Switzerland). The Equestrian Saudi Fund has signed a five-year contract that starts now and includes a remodeling of the series in 2013 — No doubt to counter-balance the extreme popularity and growing influence of the Global Champions Tour, run by uber-power Jan Tops.

GCT regularly attracts the top riders both for prize money and the luxurious show venues.

FEI has sought to fight this by reducing points won at GCT events to half their value for rankings, but the IJRC (International JUMPERS Riders Club)has a lot of clout with FEI—unlike the IDRC (International DRESSAGE Riders Club). Thus the FEI actually spends some time solving the problems instead of trying for suspension.


And before this ends…hats off to the Dutch at Saumur CDI *** ,also this past weekend.

Spain’s Juan Munoz and his superstar stallion Fuego won the GP and GP for Special, beating a revitalized and superb Anky van Grunsven and Salinero. Honestly—I watched both tests, got the same score as the judges did for Fuego (about 75 in the GPS)…but scored Anky/Sali at about a 77+ for easy 1st in the GPS.
Maybe we were watching different pirouettes…

In the GP and GP for Freestyle, Morgan Barbancon and Painted Black reigned supreme, beating Edward Gal and his new partner, Undercover, as well as Hans-Peter Minderhoud and HIS new partner, Donna Silver.

So Anky may have beeny irritated on one hand , but had to be thrilled on the other. PB was of course Anky’s # 2 horse for a long time, and her student Barbancon’s rise to the top—and probably spot on Spain’s Olympic team—has been nothing short of sensational.

Only a few trainers can ride, teach ,train and coach. Let alone accomplish all this on top sport level.
Anky is obviously one of them.

And another is Carl Hester.
Final hats off to Carl, Charlotte Dujardin and Valegro, for setting a new WORLD RECORD while at Hagen. 88.022 in the Grand Prix Special.
Whatever disagreements anyone can have about dressage, here is an achievement that can unite everyone in applause. For harmony, for flow, for power and expression, for partnership.

My first wordpress blog post! Woohoo!


And for all you out there–putting it as a quote was the only way I could figure out how to post it..

Will do better in the future.



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